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This Raw Wildflower Honey is harvested in April. With April marking the arrival of spring, the honey carries the essence of a captivating bouquet of blooms including cherry blossoms, canola flowers, wisterias, dandelions and many other native wildflowers. Each flower contributes its unique characteristics, resulting in a complex and diverse flavor profile.

Packed with natural enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this honey serves as a treasure trove of nutrients. Take this honey daily to support digestive health, boost the immune system, provide allergy relief, and as a natural energy booster. Additionally, its antioxidant content helps combat oxidative stress and promotes overall well-being.

April Wildflower Honey

  • Aroma: Delicate floral scent with light herbal undertones.


    Taste: Gentle and mild sweetness that harmonizes beautifully with the floral notes.